About Us

Music monsters was born in 2018 after a self experienced need, as Pedro Núñez is, in addition to the founder of the brand, a professional jazz trumpet player.


“Everyone who comes to this page is aware of the results of the pass of the time and the corrosion on our instrument. Apart from the aesthetic aspect and the possible perforation of the affected parts, we expose ourselves to constant contact with substances that are highly toxic for our skin. And these are problems that I have experienced: my trumpet ended up perforating itself.

After repairing it, I decided to look nfor a way to prevent this situation from happening again. I was already aware of the existence of others valve guards, but I have to confess that I was not very attracted by the existing designs. In my opinion, the quality of the materials and finish left a lot to be desired, so I decided to create Music Monsters”.

Pedro Núñez, Music Monsters founder

From the very first dar, we have been committed to using top quality materials, paying attention to every little detail and creating an attractive design that perfectly matches the shape of the pistons and valves of the trumpet. In the process, we use machinery equipped with laser technology for the cutting and engraving of the pieces, wich provides micrometric results. In addition, both the stitching and the painting of cowhide leather we use is completly handmade and individual. Yes, we paint every single dot on our products. That´s why so many trumpet players use Music Monsters valve guards, leaving the protection of their instruments in the best hands. If you are thinking about being the next one, don´t hesitate to visit our shop or use the contact form available.

Finally, we would like to thank our friends and family who have supported us and who have been involved in this project by doing their bit in a selflees way. Thank you. We also want Music Monsters to be much more than just a brand of musical instrument accessories: we want to be a family.

In this increasingly individual world, there are many of us who feel different from the rest and at Music Monsters we want to celebrate that. Just like oup pieces, everyone is different and special, and there´s nothing wrong with that.

We are all unique and valuable, and at Music Monsters we invite you to make this as your own concept and become part of our family, where the trait that unites us is being different!